East Tennessee Overlanders has a lot of different ways you can get involved. Register here on our website to stay updated on upcoming events, trips, and group buys. Our online community is based from our Facebook group.  Feel free to join us and join the discussion to see what people are doing, whether it is an impromptu weekend ride or discussing which tire someone should get for their vehicle, it is all there. 


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ETO   on Expedition Portal Forum

ETO on Expedition Portal Forum


Monthly Meet and Greets:

Held on the third Monday of every month, these are a great way to come and meet fellow club members, talk about overlanding, and enjoy a pint at a local brewery. Information for these, including the time and location, will be on the calendar below. 

Training weekends: 

These are free events that are put on in the Spring, Summer, and Fall at a local members farm. They typically start on a Friday afternoon and end Sunday evening. Friday night consists of camping and hanging out with other members, Saturday has classes that you can sign up for. Classes range in topics at past events we have had off-road driving, 12v wiring, winching, cooking, and much more. Then on Sunday the weekend culminates in a group ride over to a local trail where you can put your skills and vehicles to the test. These events are very beginner friendly and is a great way for someone to get their vehicle out on trail for the first time.


While members of the club will plan trips on their own all the time for people to join, we typically try to do 2 or 3 official club trips every year. These are usually done on long weekends and difficulty of the trails and trips varies depending on who's going and what vehicles are being taken. These are announced well in advance to give people time to make sure they can be off work. Feel free to register for our email list to stay in the loop, or keep an eye out on the Facebook Group.