Who we are: 

East Tennessee Overlanders is a club comprised of people primarily located in Eastern Tennessee who all have one common interest, Overlanding. The club offers people who enjoy outdoor adventure, vehicle based travel, nature conservation, off road driving, and camping, an active community to engage in. East Tennessee overlanders offers an online community, excursions and group rides, training weekends, team development, and much more. 



Formed in the winter of 2014-2015, the group was originally called "East Tennessee Toyota Overlanders." The group was focused around Toyota vehicles and overland travel, with the exception of a couple of Nissan and Jeep owners at the time. As the group continued to grow and add people who did not own Toyota's, it became apparent that the focus of the group needed to change. The sole focus became overlanding in East Tennessee, this is when "East Tennessee Overlanders" as it stands now was formed. 


Here at ETO we are about finding community along our journeys. Whether our journeys are local in the mountains here or take us all the way across the country, please join us on our next trip or invite us to join you on your next trip! This is ultimately our end goal, to develop community with other people who enjoy doing this thing we call Overlanding.